Topics for seminars & projects in Structural Engineering

Here are few topics which you can choose for seminar presentations or project work in structural engineering:

  • Evaluation of marine salts properties near the bridge structures
  • A relative research on durability of concrete tunnels carried out in AP irrigation projects
  • Multistory structure which are already fabricated, contact to engineering seismicity
  • Shape optimization of Reinforced underground tunnels
  • Characteristics of Fiber Cement Boards for building partitions
  • Properties of RC Structures when led blasting
  • The usage of green materials in the manufacturing of buildings
  • Finite element model for dual composite beam
  • A fresh composite element for FRP Reinforced Concrete Slab
  • Effect of shear lag on anchor bolt tension in a base plate
  • Pushover analysis – cyclic loading, deterioration effect in RC Moment Frames in pushover analysis
  • Rehabilitation –Assessment of the drift distribution
  • Assessment of big dynamic structure in environmental industry
  • Speculative study on High frequency fatigue properties of concrete
  • Seismic evaluation of interlocking blocks in walls
  • Plastic elastic bending, weight carrying capability of steel members
  • FE Evaluation of sideways buckling of a plate rounded in property
  • Indoor technology and promotion of green energy for smart buildings
  • Constructing environmental assessment techniques
  • Mathematical study on amplification of composite bridges
  • Amplification effect for RC member under negative bending
  • Consequences of negative Poisson’s ratio on bending of RC member
  • Macroeconomic cause inside the life span of bridges
  • Long term deflections of long span bridges
  • Structural harm exposure in plates using wavelet theories (transforms)

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