Water Absorption Test on Bricks

Objective: To ascertain the percentage of water absorption of bricks


A delicate balance which is capable of weighing within 0.1% of the weight of the sample and aired oven.


Three numbers of whole bricks from specimen gathered for testing has to be undertaken.


  1. Put out the sample for drying in a well- ventilated oven at an approximate temperature of 105 °C to 115°C until it acquires considerably constant mass.
  2. Leave the sample to room temperature and acquire its weight ( clip_image002 ) sample too warm to touch should not be utilized for this resolve .
  3. Submerge completely dried sample in clean water at an approximate temperature of 27+2°C for at least a day.
  4. Detach the specimen and wipe out any kind of traces of water with moist cloth and measure the weight of the sample after it has been detached from water ( clip_image004 ).



Water absorption, % by mass, after 24 hours immersion in cold water in given by the formula,


The average of result should be noted down


Water absorption of the given bricks = ………….%

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