Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)

Materials and Tools utilized

  1. Wooden /Steel rammer – 1 Nos
  2. Mixer machine – 1 Nos
  3. Auto level instrument – 1 Nos

Scope of work

  • Verification of dimensions and levels
  • Ramming of the ground surface
  • Putting the concrete.
  • Finishing and ramming the concrete surface

Working Procedure

Excavation dimensions and levels should be checked in accordance with the drawings. Clean off all the loose soil from the pits.  Sprinkle water and ram the tidied facade of pit by automatic rammer. With the help planks and runners shutter in all the necessary areas. Blend the concrete with necessary ratio and water cement proportion by automatic mixer machine and put the mixture in to pits. Pour into the surface to be rammed and even it off smoothly.

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