Reciprocating Pump

Reciprocating pump refers to the positive displacement pump. The provided pump is solitary acting single cylinder pump comprising of an air vessel. It could be utilized for minimum discharge at greater heads. Preparing is not compulsory since it is a positive displacement pump. Reciprocating pumps are utilized in pumping water in hilly regions. Reciprocating pumps however have lesser degree of efficiency in comparison to the centrifugal pumps.


Chief Parts of the Reciprocating Pumps are:

  1. Cylinders

Basically, it is manufactured out of cast iron or either steel alloy. The piston counters within the cylinder. The shift of piston is acquired by a joining rod which interconnect the piston and rotating crank.

  1. Suction Pipe

It fixes the source of water and cylinder; the water is slurped.

3. Delivery Pipe

Water sucked by pump is liquidated into delivery pipe.

4. Suction Valve

It basically regulates the movement from the suction pipe into delivery pipe.

5. Delivery valve

It permits the flow of the liquid from the cylinder going into the delivery pipe.

6. Air Vessel

It refers to the cast iron closed chamber consisting an opening at its pass from which the water will flow into the vessel.


During the procedure, the suction stroke the piston shifts left hence producing vacuum in the Cylinder. This vacuum consequently leads to the suction valve to be expose and water arrives in to the Cylinder. During the process of the delivery, stroke the piston shifts near right. This augmenting pressure in the cylinder leads to the suction valve to shut and delivery to expose and water is enforced in the delivery pipe. The air vessel is thus utilized to get even discharge.

SINGLE ACTING RECIPROCATING PUMP Single acting reciprocating pump

DOUBLE ACTING SINGLE ACTING RECIPROCATING PUMP Double acting single acting reciprocating pump

RECIPROCATING PUMP FITTED WITH AIR VESSEL AT BOTH SUCTION AND DELIVERY SIDE Reciprocating pump fitted with air vessel at both suction and delivery side

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