Quality Requirement of Admixture

When the admixtures are compatible with the concrete, they should meet the following quality requirement:

Characteristics of admixture: The data sheet should give away essential characteristic details like the kind of admixtures, on hand forms, the  basic elements utilized, particulars on dosage and its utilization techniques, safety measures to be undertaken and its adherence with specified standards.

Chemical composition:  It is a very essential parameter and manufacturer should provide the intricate details of suitability of admixture with cement obtainable in market and other materials in diverse environment condition. The chemical composition like the chloride and soluble sulphate proportion of admixture should adhere with requirement provided by BIS and other organizations.

Solid Content: The solid proportion will decide on the concentration and competence of admixture. Greater the solid contents greater will be the efficiency and will need lesser amount of admixture to change the inherent properties of concrete.

Specific Gravity: The constancy of admixture basically is based on its specific gravity and also is based on solid content. In case the specific gravity alters, the constancy of concrete blend will also alter.

Molecular weight: Greater the molecular weight, greater will be the efficiency when applied in concrete.

Dosage/ Mode of application: Facts of dosage and application methodologies should be provided by producers for all kinds of admixtures.

Compatibility details: Basic compatible facts, probable compatibility troubles because of various kinds of cement and their consequences on water demand or water absorption etc should be provided.

The admixture should not alter in the hydration procedure of cement paste to change into solid mass and it shouldn’t content high chloride, which will rust the steel. Air entrain in the concrete cannot be greater than 1% except otherwise is specified.



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