Mechanization in Construction Industry

Reasons for mechanization in the Construction Industry

  • The work can be performed rapidly.
  • The projects are completed in the given time
  • Big quantity of materials can be managed, so the size of the projects can be made bigger
  • Intricate projects which involve good quality material
  • Proper and high quality standards can be maintained
  • Schedule of timetable can be kept
  • Ideal use of human resources, capital and other resources
  • Due to shortage of relevantly skilled manpower

Advantages of mechanization in the Construction Industry

  • Safety
  • Speed
  • Cost effective
  • Quality
  • Feasibility

Applications of mechanization of Construction Industry

  • Highway projects
  • Building constructions
  • Irrigations
  • Power plants

Commonly used construction machineries

  1. Earth moving equipments
  2. Hauling machineries
  3. Hoisting machineries
  4. Conveying machineries
  5. Aggregate and concrete production machineries
  6. Pile driving machineries
  7. Tunneling and rock drilling machineries
  8. Pumping and de- watering machineries

Factors determining the selection of construction equipments

  1. Availability of the machinery
  2. Appropriateness of job condition with particular indication to climatic condition.
  3. Consistency type(easy functioning and maintenance , easy trade of extra parts)
  4. Size of machineries
  5. Usage of the standard machineries(made by various companies so that purchase and delivery are hassle free)
  6. Country of origin
  7. Unit cost of production and cost of running
  8. Accessibility of extra parts and choosing of manufacturer.
  9. Availability of local manpower for operation

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