Contract Documents

The National Building Code (2006) has specified contract documents as incorporating the following:

  1. Contract drawings and requirements arranged by certified architects and certified engineers;
  2. Priced bill of volumes arranged by a certified quantity surveyor;

iii. Project quality management plan, Construction progame, project health and safety plan arranged by a certified builder;

  1. Requirements of contract;
  2. All risk insurance for the constructing works, personnel and devices.

Contract Drawings:

The contract drawings incorporate the architectural drawings, the geotechnical engineering designs and the building services engineering designs. These drawings give information in regards to the arrangement of spaces, structural mechanism, mechanical and electrical installations.


This increases the information specified in the contract designs and bill of volumes. It explains intricately the exertion to be applied under the contract and the character and grade of the substances, mechanism and employment.

Priced Bill of Quantities:

A priced Bill of Quantities refers to a Bill of Quantities that has its rate and sum section filled by a contract officer. A Bill of Quantities comprises of a timetable of things of work to be completed under the agreement with amounts entered against everything, agreed as per the Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works (Seeley and Winfield, 2005)

Construction program:

This is a document that is set up all together that the project members may have an exhaustive valuation for the work required, to permit the site generation group to deal with its primary constituent and choose how, in what arrange and at what time to do them; and to guarantee sufficient co-appointment of the work, materials and apparatus prerequisites (Bamisile, 2004)

Project Quality Management Plan:

The Project Quality Management Plan characterizes the different quality related exercises and systems which will be actualized on the project. It sets down necessities, gives rules, gives data and shows to fitting staff, the strategies to be taken after as for the Project Quality Management Plan. A specimen layout of the Project Quality Management Plan is included in the reference section.

Project Health and Safety Plan:

The Project Health and Safety Plan is a report created to secure the wellbeing, wellbeing and welfare of people who will work or visit the site. It was likewise created to control the outflow of poisonous substances into the environment and control the keeping and utilization of substances that may be risky to wellbeing. A blueprint of the Project Health and Safety Plan is contained in the index.

States of Contract:

The states of agreement characterize the terms, under which the work is to be embraced, the relationship between the customer, designer and contractual worker, the obligations of the draftsman and temporary workers, and the terms of installment (Seeley and Winfield, 2005)

All Risk Insurance:

This is an agreement record that is produced and demonstrates that all the work force and hardware connected with a development extend has been protected against misfortune or harm. By protection, every one of the dangers connected with staff and gear in a development venture is exchanged to an outsider.


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