Brick Work in Superstructure

Every one of the blocks to be utilized in the construction process are thoroughly soaked in water so they don’t assimilate water from the mortar. Mortar is spread on the highest point of the foundation course over a zone to be secured by the edges of the wall. The sides of the wall is built first. The abundance mortar from the sides will press out, which is wiped off with trowel. The level and the arrangement of the alignment are checked. On the off chance that the block is not in level, they are squeezed delicately further. Subsequent to having laid the primary course at the corner, mortar is laid and spread over the main course and the end stretcher is laid first and pounded it on the laid mortar. Perpends must be kept perpendicular. This ought to be checked, as the work continues with the assistance of straight edge and square. Subsequent to having constructed the wall,  jointing and pointing is carried out.

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